I received a branch from my friend AlZaruba. He was about to throw it into his fireplace when he noticed how beautiful it was and thought that I might like it for a sculpture. I was reminded of “Back IV” by Matisse as I drew. Toda means thank you, thank you for the gift the branch, thank you for the idea, thank you for the presence of this sculpture.

August 19, 2017/No comment

Last week I spent hours each day in front of my computer writing and rewriting a way to speak about my art work which is concise and authentic. I find it a grueling process which I need to attack from time to time. I never feel entirely comfortable with the end product. By Friday I had something that felt reasonable. I went into my studio and added purple to the “inside” of this sculpture. I swept the floor of the studio, I do that between sculptures, it is not only necessary so that I don’t trip on wood pieces, it also reflects an internal cleansing and willingness to think about something new, with the piles of sawdust bagged, I become aware of the solid floor under my feet again, I pick up my drawing book and I feel at home. Even though the development of a new sculpture is difficult and challenging, there is reward in the process and in the end product that feels like I am where I belong.

August 12, 2017/No comment

In my relationships I cannot meet the other at every point. That does not mean we do not belong together. Of course there needs to be a meeting place and the parts we bring to the table must complement each other. But I am not going to grow if I only seek out those who think like me. Sometimes I need to turn a piece over to make the whole thing work. It is much more interesting that way.

August 9, 2017/No comment

I am working in Israel. I have been asked if my work has been effected by the location. My sculpture emerges out of my experiences and thoughts. Despite the politics, I am an optimist. I have worked with Palestinians, I have shopped in stores of Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. My experience with people varies not with their nationality but with who they are as individuals. I believe that the more we interact respectfully the more likely we are to find peaceful ways to live together. In this sculpture, I built a variation on the infinity symbol. One inside the other. On the left the unpainted wood embraces the painted wood. On the right, it is reversed. We hold each other and move endlessly together.

August 6, 2017/No comment

Drawing circles, sometimes they are open and sometimes they are closed. When I finish an open sculpture, I often look for more density in the next. From this page I have made one beautiful sculpture and I see the possibility of another.

August 4, 2017/No comment

I feel a sense of peace when I look at this sculpture. Layers of circular movements, swimming round and round.

August 3, 2017/No comment

When I rebuilt my web site I edited the number of images displayed, to bring focus. I came across an image of a recent sculpture, it did not look right to me. The distance created by the photo, helped me see the sculpture more clearly. I needed to rework this piece. Take off the paint, change some of the lines. Turn it around to see it with fresh eyes. Repaint, repaint, remove, repaint. I think I have it now.

August 2, 2017/No comment

This page in my sketchbook shows the transition as I built the sculpture which I call Winward. I started building using the image on the upper right hand side of the page as my guide. Part way though I found that I needed to change course. The sculpture was not working as well as the drawing had. When I first realized that I need to change course, I found it difficult, I realized that I needed to go back to the drawing board, to find a better solution. Initially it felt like I have messed up, made a mistake. With practice I have learned that to move forward and follow the sculpture is what is necessary and really what I want to do. In my studio I become more conscious of my internal patterns. I try to apply those lessons to my life, when I set my heart on something and it is not working out, I need to take a step back, to see what is called for from another perspective. With determination, hard work and willingness to be open, I can invite something new and better into my life. Then I find I am rewarded.

August 1, 2017/No comment

I have mixed feelings about sharing the thoughts I had as I made any particular sculpture. On the one hand it might limit the viewer from going wherever their imagination takes them. That would be unfortunate. On the other hand my purpose is to present you with an invitation. This sculpture, Secrets, references an accordion, suggesting sound and movement. The sculpture is composed of numerous pockets. They are open and closed, some turned inside out, others inaccessible. How many of my secrets is it safe to share?

August 1, 2017/No comment

I had originally imagined these spirals filled with the cement forms that were rolling inside and making a spiraling motion of their own. The conversation worked on paper but did not translate sculpturally. It was redundant. So I return to my drawing book. Less is more in this case. The green cement forms play against the spiraling wood, banging, leaving their mark. They also punctuate each spiral arm. I make the work but I am also surprised by a new turn in the sculpture. I feel lost when I am in the middle of building a sculpture and I realize that what I had planned is not right, will not work. But this is also just the place where I can open myself up again to look and learn and find a surprise, reach a solution that would never have come up without the struggle. It is as though I was given a gift-again.

August 1, 2017/No comment